About Us

Paragon SA is a real estate firm which provides investment services to private and public equity vehicles focused on real estate and real estate-related endeavors principally in Switzerland. Paragon works with investment partners to identify, asset manage, and operate properties. We are a one-stop shop with expertise in finance, leasing, insurance, redevelopment, construction and building operations.

Paragon also specializes in tenant representation, third party asset management, and brokerage in commercial real estate. Paragon executives are multi-lingual and multi-national and benefit from an international approach to corporate culture combined with a local presence and expertise in local markets. In particular, through the experience of its chief executive, Paragon SA is able to transfer some of the successful approaches pioneered in the US real estate market to a European context.

Paragon's key strengths lie in distressed opportunities, underperforming and undervalued assets and value creation opportunities. Investments include single assets, portfolios, joint-ventures and real estate development, as well as real estate-related loans and debt instruments. We canvas retail, logistics, office, industrial, as well as senior and student housing opportunities.

Note from the CEO

« The outlook for 2017 is characterized by political and economic uncertainty. The Brexit vote, followed by the election of Donald Trump shocked many observers and did little to comfort investors. While it remains difficult to predict the future, one thing we can count on is the continued « flight to quality » which we continue to see in 2017.

 There is sustained pressure on the Swiss Franc, and despite the more discreet efforts of the BNS (Swiss National Bank), there is still a significant monthly investment in the Euro currency by the Swiss “Fed”. Without this intervention, the Swiss Franc would be valued even higher putting additional strain on the exports and tourism.

The GBP has significantly weakened as well versus the Swiss currency after Brexit. We are feeling the effects in Switzerland as can be demonstrated by companies relocating employees to the UK and other countries. Traditional USPs like the banking secrecy, or the stable tax environment, have been disrupted, and Switzerland is having to redefine itself in order to continue to attract multi-national companies to locate here or simply to remain here with their headquarters.

Despite these challenges, institutional investors have not abated in their appetite for core real estate.  Negative interest rates have helped to create an environment where stabilized assets are being sold at historical low cap rates at the same time that rents are falling, and vacancy is rising, especially in the commercial sector.  Middle of the road, and low-income residential real estate in Switzerland continues to thrive due to sound fundamentals of supply and demand, however, the luxury segment is falling dramatically. 

At Paragon, we are optimistic about the long term outlook for the country, and we believe that hard working, clever investors will still be able to find niche opportunities to create value in this challenging environment.  We still see Switzerland as a stable, and healthy economy, and even with a correction to mean, there is still a significant advantage to our market compared to those of our neighbors with higher unemployment, crime, pollution, etc. Contact us today to find out more about how we are investing this year and how you might take part… »